Photography, Education, and Imaging Services

I offer a complete range of professional photography, including Portraits (children and adult), Events, Fine Arts, and Macro.

I especially like teaching, particularly Adobe Photohop Lightroom. If you are interested in learning Lightroom, or other imaging software, please contact me here.

To see my scheduled classes, click here.

Digital Imaging Services

  • Digital file preparation, including tone, color, contrast and sharpening for either print or web
  • Archival Wide Format (up to 44") printing using Epson pigmented inks
  • Digital photography instruction using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom
  • Digital Asset Management* systematically filing, naming, rating, keywording, improving, and archiving
  • Scanning slides and prints
  • Color Management: monitor callibration and profiling, and custom printer and camera profiles
  • Website development

Computer Services

  • Computer assessment and recommendations
  • New computer component selection and assembly
  • Data and system file back up hard drive installation
  • Hard drive installation, disk partitioning, operating system and software installation, and customization
  • Software consultation, instruction, and recommendations
  • Monthly system maintenance
  • Computer and instructional services can either take place at my studio, your place, or remotely over the Internet <u/>